Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar


Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar



Production Company

Fireside Films (Formerly Lumehouse)


ulling off great food photography is no easy feat.  Add the dimension of time and dash of motion (otherwise known as “cinematography”), and the prospect can be down right daunting.  But with experience comes confidence.  We enjoyed collaborating with SASSO to conceptualize and produce a spot where food was the star, resulting in the first regional spot for WalkOn’s  Bistreaux and Bar.

PRODUCERS | Josh Dickerhoof, Daniel Jones
DIRECTOR | Daniel Jones
ART DIRECTOR | Katy Swetman
AD | Kayla Hill
DP | Steve Kluempers
EDITOR | Will Heath
PHOTOGRAPHER | Charlie Champagne
FOOD STYLIST | Kendall Gensler
PA | Daryl Forest, Kendall Kramer, Bella Wadhwani